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Octofi Features

We are The Wireless Internet Service Provider in Nigeria

Amazing Speeds

Get amazing speeds from 2Mbps to 600Mbps(depending on the plan) and stay busy!

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99% Internet Uptime

Run an internet dedicated business? Or simply stream movies? Get connected and Stay Connected! .

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24/7 Customer Support

Need Help? Get in touch with OctoFI care representatives now!.

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About Octofi

Experience speed, reliability and comfort

The OctoFI Network is one built around your various internet service needs, from your mobile phones to tablets to laptops to TVs, this service will suit all your internet needs.

Octofi Services

Get Connected

Office Wifi Plans

You organisation’s internet reliability is our business! Check out our various office plans here.

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Home Wifi Plans

Need to connect multiple devices to your plan, explore our home plan and find the plan that suits your need.

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Individual Wifi Plans

Are you a student or maybe just looking to get some plans for your personal lifestyle. We’ve got these amazing deals to suit your needs.

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Octofi Pricing

Discover our most loved planss

These plans are by far the favorite of even some of us at OctoFI, The Speeds are constant and the number of devices are recommended according to load balanced speed on your personalized interface. You can also view the plans relating to each category by clicking one of the corresponding buttons.

5 Devices


  • Unlimited
  • 24/7 Support
From N 9,500 /mo
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10-20 Devices


  • Unlimited
  • 24/7 Support
From N 15,000 /mo
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  • Unlimited
  • 24/7 Support
From N 5,000 /mo
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should choose
our services

  • Is there a provision for charging my phone?

    Sign up for an Octo-ID and gain access to Octo-Cafe’s around your vicinity.

  • How do I get connected?

    Simply sign up on the waiting list and answer a couple of questions to get started with OctoFI. Other enquiries can be pushed to our helpdesk via email and whatsapp..

  • Does this service work on any device?

    The Octofi service can work on any fully functional device with a wifi module and within the specified areas of Octofi reach.

  • Can I connect multiple devices on the individual plan?

    You could sign into an Octo-AccessPoint on multiple devices to your individual plan but it would divide your speed of connection on both devices and reduce the overall experience, if it’s for a temporary endeavour, you can get our Octo-One-Time-Access gateway pass to the temporary device.

  • Can I Download?

    Full speed internet access doesn’t stop you from downloading at all. Although speed throttling becomes inevitable on channels where there is a complete hog on the network but that’s a rare case.

  • Is there an OctoFI app?

    The OctoFI app specifically designed for your area would be made available soon to ease transactions and various ideas to grow the network.

  • Why would I choose OctoFI?

    OctoFI prides itself in reliability, speed and cost-effective internet services.

  • What things would be provided by OctoFI?

    Depending on the plan type, customer account type and some other trivial inconsistencies, OctoFi would provide all the required equipment for it’s installation to HotSpots and maintenance of them. Other equipment like Network boosters are sold separately to homes and offices with network obstructing architecture.

  • Is there a data sharing feature?

    Normal OctoFI accounts cannot share plans but -> Octo-Premium users can share plans.