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Octofi Services

Explore the next WISP of Unlimited Possibilities

Office WIFI

Take your business to the next level by taking care of important components such as speed of delivery and response, customer dependency and overall enjoy the ambience of comfort OctoFI provides.

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Your home, your kingdom! Don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity to let slow and expensive internet be a thing of the past. Focus, and let OctoFi handle the speeds for you .

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Individual WIFI

You don’t need to break the bank to pay for data anymore, get what you paid for and MORE! Check out our Individual plans and get Connected NOW! .

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Octofi Offer

More Great Reasons to Choose Octofi

Fluctuating speeds and unstable networks can result in messy connections. OctoFi has decided to tackle congestion by utilizing plans specifically engineered to accommodate a set of devices and operate optimally.

  • No charge fee for initial connection
  • Wide Range of Limited and Unlimited plans
  • Speed is BEST at specified number of devices

Cost Effective